Title: Apocalypse Dreams
Artist: Tame Impala
Played: 3190 times

Nothing ever changes, no matter how long you do your hair
Looks the same to everyone else…

and i can’t help but feel that i’ve made some mistake
but i let it go

Shooting stars all over Britain? Owls flying by daylight? Mysterious people in cloaks all over the place? And a whisper, a whisper about the Potters…


my fuckin mom threw old hamburger meat on the side of the house because she thought raccoons would eat except raccoons aren’t fucking idiots and now the entire neighborhood smells like shit

Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw

if you’ve a ready mind.



Fun fact if you talk to me past midnight i get real personal and it’s weird

12:00am- oh I man I love cheese pizza too!
12:01am- I killed a man once


*applies for architecture job*

experience: building houses on the sims since 2001